A Day at the State House

FAST FACT: The copper dome of the State House is equal to up to 8 million pennies.

As Citizenship advocates, we think it is important to create opportunities to expose our fellow clubwomen to a further insight into how our government operates; starting with what is happening right here in our own state, right here in our own town. That’s why the Public Issues Committee sponsored the January Volunteer event and with a tour of the State House!

A few members of the Junior Women’s Club got the unique opportunity to tour, not just the State House, but also both the Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s office area. The legislature was in session so members experienced a small portion of how the legislative process works for South Carolinians.

The most important take-away…
Know your Senator and Representative. Below is a list with links.


John L. Scott, Jr. [D]- District 19 - Richland County
John E. Courson [R]- District 20 - Lexington & Richland Counties
Darrell Jackson [D]- District 21 - Richland County
Joel Lourie [D]- District 22 - Kershaw & Richland Counties
Katrina Frye Shealy [R]- District 23 - Lexington County
Shane Massey [R]- District 25 - Aiken, Edgefield, Lexington, McCormick & Saluda Counties
Nikki G. Setzler [D]- District 26 - Aiken, Calhoun, Lexington & Saluda Counties


Rick Quinn [R]- District 69 - Lexington County
Joseph H. "Joe" Neal [D]-District 70 - Richland & Sumter Counties
Nathan Ballentine [R]- District 71 - Lexington & Richland Counties
James E. Smith, Jr. [D]- District 72 - Richland County
Christopher R. "Chris" Hart [D]- District 73 - Richland County
J. Todd Rutherford [D]- District 74 - Richland County
Kirkman Finlay, III [R]- District 75 - Richland County
Leon Howard [D]- District 76 - Richland County
Joseph A. "Joe" McEachern [D]- District 77 - Richland County
Beth E. Bernstein [D]- District 78 - Richland County
Mia S. McLeod [D]- District 79 - Richland County
Jimmy C. Bales [D]- District 80 - Kershaw & Richland Counties
Chip Huggins [R]- District 85 - Lexington County
Todd K. Atwater [R]- District 87 - Lexington County
McLain R. "Mac" Toole [R]- District 88 - Lexington County
Kenneth A. "Kenny" Bingham [R]- District 89 - Lexington County
L. Kit Spires [R]- District 96 - Lexington County

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