Members walk on the wild side to meet needs from the community

Just when you think 2020 isn’t weird enough, up pops a snake on your virtual club meeting. For the folks of Carolina Wildlife Center, this was just a normal day. The center is dedicated to the care of wildlife in distress. According the their website, they have rehabilitated more than 55,000 animals representing 200 species! For the day of our meeting, we also got the chance to meet an opossum and a turtle. 

DID YOU KNOW? It's important to tell Carolina Wildlife where you picked up any injured wildlife, as they can only return it back into the wild when they know where the animal calls home. 

For our club year, November marked our Environment Community Service Program. Members rallied to fill the needs of the center with supplies and a monetary donation. From blankets to laundry detergent and potatoes to newspapers, members answered the call to do something great for an organization that is doing so much good for our environment and our community. 

To learn more about Carolina Wildlife or to learn some important rescue advice, check out their website.

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