Built to Serve: '20-'21 Wrap Up & '21-'22 Theme Reveal!

On Thursday, June 10th we held our last meeting of club year 2020-21 at the Sims-Stackhouse mansion. What a year it was! We were so elated to gather in person for the first time to celebrate all that we accomplished this year, induct our new officers, and reveal the theme for our upcoming club year.

Club members were welcomed with refreshments that included charcuterie cups from Queen’s Manna and custom cookies that displayed the new theme and club logo, "Be The Light" - from Cookies by Ashlyn. Both were absolutely delicious!

After enjoying social time and fellowship, an official Welcome message from Michelle Blackmon, President 2020-21 began the business meeting. The reciting of the Junior Pledge was led by Tracey Harris, incoming Club Secretary. Michelle shared a recap of the club year which also included sharing and celebrating all of the awards that the club received at the State Convention held in May. Our club was honored to receive the following awards: 

  • Creativity award for our Children’s Advocacy week project 
  • First place for our work in Health and Wellness 
  • Early Bird Award - Michelle Blackmon 
  • First place for our work on the Signature Project 
  • First place for our work in Communication & identity 
  • Creativity award for our work in Communication & identity 
  • Janet Prince Membership Award 
  • Junior Spirit Award 
  • Junior Membership report award 
  • Megan Yongue was inducted into the GFWC Honor Roll 

Next on the agenda was an Induction Ceremony for the new Executive Officers for club year 2021-22. A huge "Thank you" to our special guest GFWC-SC President Kristin Fields for presiding over this ceremony. We loved the pinwheels! In true 2020 fashion, Vice President, Sarah Matthews was inducted via Zoom! 

            President- Megan Yongue               Vice President- Sarah Matthews
            Secretary- Tracey Harris                 Treasurer- Ellen Duncan

Megan shared this about her vision and inspiration for the new theme: 

"At the end of an incredibly long, difficult year, I feel like we’re starting to 'see the light'. I envision that light as a beacon, much like that of a lighthouse, helping us find our way, the new way, the post-COVID19 way. We’re stronger, more flexible, we have a greater appreciation for the things that truly matter, and we’re hungry for connection and for finding ways to lift up our community.

I found this quote that resonated with me: 'I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse. They were built only to serve.' -George Bernard Shaw

I believe this group of women was built to serve. WE are the lighthouse and I look forward to us finding ways to “Be The Light” in our community this year."

The club is looking forward to sharing more fellowship over the summer and kicking off the official club year in late August. We hope you'll join us! 

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